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The Louwman Group’s divisions are supported by professional services for real estate, training, HR, finance and legal advice.


Oud Clingendaal Management Services acts as the holding company for the Louwman Group and comprises general management as well as highly professional service departments specialising in finance, acquisition, HR, legal matters, real estate, business development and ICT.

Louwman Museum

The highly regarded Louwman collection is one of the world’s oldest and finest collections of historic automobiles. As early as 1934 Mr P.W. Louwman, founder of the Louwman Group, purchased the first cars that would ultimately be displayed in the museum.

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Dôme Vastgoed Wassenaar

Dôme Vastgoed Wassenaar is the primary real estate company of the Louwman Group, responsible for all real estate services for various companies both within and outside the Louwman Group.

Louwman ICT Services

Louwman ICT Services manages the IT Infrastructure and SAP Landscape of the companies within the Louwman Group. It is the Shared Service Center for ICT solutions, projects and supply of hardware.

Louwman College

The Louwman College is Louwman & Parqui’s training centre for all dealership employees. The College also offers management training and special technical and commercial training programmes, such as ‘The Toyota Way’.